about us




Brand Story

  • The Identity Brand was Founded In 2020 by Bhushan Ahire, who wanted to Create a line of premium Handcrafted  grooming Products specially designed for men in Luxurious as well as Affordable Price. The brand is built around the idea of modern masculinity with a focus on simplicity, quality And using less ingredients which is actually helps to you.

-Why you should buy Our Products:

  1. Ultimate luxurious Experience without compromising in Affordability
  2. We are not using Nasty chemicals that hard to pronouns.
  3. We use plant base ,Natural as well as organic ingredients which is actually helps to you.
  4. 100% Made in India.
  5. Handcrafted in India.

-Social Responsibility:

  • Ultimate luxurious Experience without compromising in

    Giving Back To Society by donating 2% of our sales to needy people to establish their own identity with the help of United We Stand Foundation.


  • what is on the inside matters most. we believe that our dedication to transparency in every part of what we do is what elevates us. using only functional ingredients, every formulation is always free of aluminium, parabens, phthalates, pegs, sulphates, silicones, gluten, glycols, mineral oils, and artificial fragrance.


  • we’re committed to clean products from start to finish. that means we care just as much about how our products work for you as we do about their impact on the planet. we strive to use sustainable, recyclable materials and ethically made/grown ingredients whenever possible.


  • what starts with a shift in the way we see ingredients, leads into an overall lifestyle change. we always educate our customers not only on how to use our products effectively, but how to take better care of themselves.


  • we’re inspired by the things around us and believe great design enhances your life. we carry this mentality in everything we create; from product packaging and web design, to email communication and our studios experience

-Our mission :

  • At THE IDENTITY has always been to help guys look their best. When a guy looks good, he feels good. When he feels good, he’s ready to capture every opportunity that comes his way. Quality branding, packaging, community of like-minded guys and honest education has been our focus since day one.

    THE IDENTITY is for the guy who wants to look good without looking like he put in a ton of effort. It’s for the guy who knows you don’t always get a second chance at a first impression – whether it’s in work, dating, or life.